Fleet and corporate solutions

Customised solution for every mobility need

Benefit from the advantages we offer for your Mercedes-Benz fleet by simply contacting our nationwide authorised dealers.

  • Attractive offers for company cars and fleet solution

  • Nationwide service network

  • High quality and professional care of customer service

  • Advantage from our used car program “Mercedes-Benz Certified” in regenerating existing fleet

  • Comprehensive services offered by our service partners in terms of finance solution, long term rental/leasing, motorcars insurance

  • Worldwide benefits for international corporations through Internation Framework Agreement

Four/five star hotel/resort, IFA company, NFA company, luxury car rental company, big fleet customer, celebrity/KOL, journalist, diplomatic organization, MBV partner, member company of GBA/EUROCHAM/KOCHAM, medical doctor, dentist, lawyer and pilot are our key commercial accounts who will be qualified benefits from our special offers and services which are provided to create a premium luxury car fleet.