Details of Service B

Details of Service B

The offer comprises:

  • Brake test on the test rig
  • Function test: Horn, headlamp flasher, hazard warning lights, turn indicators, control lamps, symbol lighting and interior lighting, front and rear lights, windscreen wipers, windscreen washer system, headlamp washer system, seat belts and seat belt buckles
  • Replace dust and combination filters
  • Check battery fluid level, top up if necessary
  • Check the thickness and condition of the brake discs, check thickness of linings on brake pads
  • Check tyres for any damage, measure tread depth, correct tyre pressure
  • Check all visible parts of the vehicle underside for leakages or damage
  • Check front axle joints, tie rods and steering column joints for tolerances, check rubber gaiters
  • Check poly-V-belt for wear and damages
  • Check all visible parts in the engine compartment for leaks and damage
  • Oil change incl. oil filter with synthetic blend motor oil
  • Check and correct fluid levels and determine cause for any fluid loss: Engine cooling system incl. anti-freeze, braking system, power steering, windscreen washer system
  • Check and lubricate linkages in the engine control system, test for free movement and seating of the linkages
  • Lubricate lock, retaining hooks and hinges of the bonnet
  • Check headlamp range adjustment
  • Check and correct headlamp alignment (correction of alignment of xenon headlamps requires separate work order)
  • Check windscreen wiper blades and replace if required (invoiced separately)
  • Check expiration date of TIREFIT tyre sealant
  • Check boot lighting
  • Fully synthetic engine oil & additional work can be ordered for a separate charge

Scope of work may vary for different vehicle models & variance.

Should there be any additional repair/parts needed based on the inspection results listed above, the cost will be charged separately.