Details of Service A

Details of Service A

The offer comprises:

  • Oil change with partially synthetic oil
  • Oil filter change
  • Function check for: Horn, headlamp flasher, hazard warning lights, turn indicators, control lamps, symbol lighting and interior lighting front and rear lighting, windscreen wipers and windscreen washer system
  • Reset service display in the instrument cluster (only for vehicles with ASSYST)
  • Check fluid levels, top up where necessary: Engine cooling system, antifreeze/anti-corrosion additives, braking system, windscreen washer system, battery
  • Other checks: Correct tyre pressures, lubricate lock, retaining hooks and hinges of the bonnet, check boot lighting
  • Fully synthetic engine oil & Additional work can be ordered for a separate charge

Scope of work may vary for different vehicle models & variance.

Should there be any additional repair/parts needed based on the inspection results listed above, the cost will be charged separately.