False King. Truly funny.
Counterfeit brake disc. Not funny.

Counterfeit spare parts are a safety risk.

Deceptively realistic.

Criminal schemes.

This is how you can protect yourself.

In many cases a fake can hardly be told apart from a genuine spare part, and its price is not a safe criterion, either. However, you can be careful whom you get the spare parts from.

  • Always trust your authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer or service partner for Mercedes-Benz genuine parts.
  • Be careful with dubious products or questionable offers. Counterfeit products are often offered on the Internet. Highly visible and aggressively-advertised offers can often be an indication that you are in the presence of fake products.
  • Advise Mercedes - Benz Vietnam or our authorized dealers of any cases of counterfeit products. This way you will be helping us to consistently combat product falsifications and guarantee safety for yourself and all other customers.