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If part of your day-to-day life includes going exploring online, you need a reliable companion. Do you want to use your iPhone® 5 at rest and also when driving the GLA? We have a solution: the Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone®.

Drive Kit Plus for iPhone®

With the "Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone®" you can use your iPhone® [1] extensively in your vehicle: simply connect the iPhone® to the interface in the vehicle and install the free-of-charge Mercedes-Benz "Digital DriveStyle" app in the iTunes® App Store [2] on your iPhone®.

The "Digital DriveStyle" app is available free of charge at the iTunes® App Store. In the app, a wide range of functions from your iPhone® are seamlessly integrated in the revolutionary new user interface and shown on the vehicle display [3]. With the iPhone® connected, the "Digital DriveStyle" app is reliably and conveniently controlled via the ergonomically designed Controller in your vehicle.

Some of the functions of Drive Kit Plus with the "Digital DriveStyle" app:

  • Advanced navigation solution from Garmin® with web-based real-time traffic information, Points of Interest search and 3D map presentation.
  • Powered by GoogleTM: local POI search with StreetViewTM and transfer of destination to navigation system.
  • Google PlacesTM: up-to-the-minute search for POIs possible, as this is an internet search.
  • GoogleTM Traffic: overview of the latest road and traffic conditions via the map on Google MapsTM.
  • Facebook and Twitter: display and read-out of Facebook® feeds and Twitter® tweets. "Sharing" and "posting" of, for example, the current song title being played or the destination on Facebook® and Twitter®.
  • AUPEO! Personal Radio with individual music programming. Internet radio with national and international stations. Access to the track titles stored in your iPhone®.
  • SiriTM [4]: can function as a personal assistant by answering questions from user or carrying out instructions which would otherwise require manual input.

[1] Available for Phone® 5/5s/5c/4/4s.

[2] "Digital DriveStyle" app available in the iTunes® App Stores in Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Slovenia, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Greece, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Czech Republic, USA and Canada. Further countries to follow.

[3] In conjunction with Audio 20 CD or COMAND Online.

[4] Only audio support. You can find a list of SiriTM commands at

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