Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone®

With the "Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone®" your iPhone® 4/4S is fully integrated in
the E-Class. It is integrated through the interaction of the
Mercedes-Benz app called "Digital DriveStyle" with the
"Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone®" interface in the vehicle, where the iPhone® is connected
and charged.

The "Digital DriveStyle" app is available free of charge at the iTunes® App Store [1]. In the app, extensive functions are seamlessly integrated in the new revolutionary user interface and shown on the vehicle display [2] . With the iPhone® connected, the "Digital DriveStyle" app is reliably and conveniently controlled via the ergonomically designed Controller.

Some of the functions of the "Digital DriveStyle" app:

  • Advanced navigation solution from Garmin® with web-based real-time traffic information, Points of Interest search and 3D map presentation.
  • Local search function powered by Google™ of Points of Interest with StreetView™ and destination transfer to Navigation.
  • Siri™ [3] can serve as your personal assistant by providing answers to your questions or carrying out commands which you would otherwise need to enter manually.
  • AUPEO! Personal Radio with individual music programming.
  • Internet radio with national and international stations.
  • Access to the track titles stored in your iPhone®.
  • Facebook® Feeds and Twitter® Tweets from friends are read out aloud[4].
  • Socially interactive experience through sharing and posting, e.g. the title of the song currently playing or of the navigation destination on Facebook® and Twitter®.
  • Glympse™: Communicate to your friends - in real-time - your current location, your vehicle speed and estimated time of arrival.
  • Intuitive CarFinder with automatic storing of vehicle location on iPhone®. By means of the integrated pedestrian navigation function in the iPhone® it is possible to find one's vehicle conveniently.

[1] "Digital DriveStyle" app available in the iTunes® App Stores in Germany, France, Italy, UK, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Netherlands. Additional countries will follow.[2] In conjunction with Audio 20 CD or COMAND Online.

[3] Only audio support.A list of Siri commands is available at[4] Languages: German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Portuguese.

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