Reception readiness.

Using the phone with the greatest convenience.

Mercedes-Benz telephone module with Bluetooth® (SAP[1]) [2]

Experience Internet, telephony and navigation in your A-Class in a new way – with the combination between Mercedes-Benz telephone module with Bluetooth® (SAP) and the COMAND Online multimedia system. The telephone module with integrated UMTS module provides fast, stable, reliable connection of COMAND Online to the Internet as a result of using the car's external aerial. You can use the phone and simultaneously use Mercedes-Benz Apps via COMAND Online as well as having short messages read out aloud. At the same time, you can also use all the convenience telephony functions: convenient operation via your multimedia system, hands-free functionality with the use of your personal contact data on the SIM card of your mobile phone, and lots more. Your mobile phone is supplied with current via a USB interface if required. The telephone module with Bluetooth® (SAP [2]) can be operated via the SIM card in your mobile phone or via an SIM card inserted directly in the module, enabling connection independently from your mobile phone. To this effect, many mobile telephony providers offer so-called multi-SIM cards for your pre-existing contract.

    Mobile phone holders [2]

    You are now more independent than ever in your choice of mobile phone for your Mercedes-Benz: With a simple "click!" you can change the mobile phone holder – in a split- second, as swiftly as inserting a phone in the holder itself. Changing your phone model and even the alternate use of different models is thus no longer a problem – while continuing to enjoy fully all the advantages of convenience telephony.

    Further advantages:

    • Optimum reception quality thanks to the use of the vehicle aerial
    • Battery charging function for your mobile phone
    • Access to phone internal memory
    • Convenient control via multi-function steering wheel
    • Large range – available for many Apple, Nokia, BlackBerry and Sony Ericsson models

    [1] SAP (Sim Access Profile) enables your mobile phone SIM card to be read.

    [2] Only in conjunction with Convenience telephony (Code 386). Available from 4th quarter of 2012.

    A selection of accessories for each model