Fleet and corporate solutions

Customised solution for every mobility need

Corporate sales solution programs offer Mercedes-Benz’s VIP customers the exclusively preferential services which is not only economically efficient but also bring the satisfaction from our classy experience .

  • Tailored offers for the fleet of your company or your economic projects.

  • Hassle-free insurance and maintainance services from our nationwide Dealer network.

  • Technical hotline and service 24h.

  • Best supports from our used-car program “Mercedes-Benz Certified” for regenerating your existing fleet.

  • Supplementary services offered by our partners in terms of finance solution, long term leasing and automobile insurance.

  • Strategic corporation with Mercedes-Benz Vietnam for sales and marketing in potential projects.

The programs are designated for 4-5 star hotel/resort, IFA company, NFA company, luxury car rental company, influencers, journalist, diplomatic/ governmental organizations, MBV partners, member company of BA/EUROCHAM/KOCHAM/AUSCHAM, medical doctor, dentist, lawyer and customer purchasing over 2 units.