Terms and Conditions for #MBsocialcar Vietnam

Terms and Conditions for #MBsocialcar Vietnam

1. Prerequisite of campaign participation

Membership in the closed Facebook group at mb4.me/MBsocialcar is a prerequisite for program participation into MBsocialcar campaign. This group was created and maintained by Mercedes-Benz Vietnam ("MBV").


2. Means of communications

MBV will disseminate campaign news and information to group members exclusively via the aforementioned closed Facebook group.


3. Proof of professional experience 

Group members who would participate in the campaign must submit samples of their photographs or their portfolios to MBV via the specified channel(s) for consideration and select the selected participants (“Selected participants”).


4. Criteria for selection

4.1. This campaign is open to the public but not to employees of, as well as their family members of MBV, its subsidiaries, Mercedes-Benz dealers, relevant advertising agencies, and the campaign committee.

4.2. Joining to the close Facebook group and participation in the campaign are entirely free of charge. MBV offers no compensation (liability) for members of the group who are not selected to participate in the campaign.

4.3. Participants will be selected directly by MBVor one of its partners delegated by MBV

4.4. Participants agree to follow and like the Mercedes-Benz Vietnam Facebook page and follow the Instagram account @mercedesbenzvietnam.

4.5. Participants must agree and adhere to all terms and conditions set forth by MBV to participate in the campaign.


5. Campaign annoucements

MBV will contact group members who have been selected to participate in the #MBSocialCar campaign in advance to inform them of the opportunity. The official announcement will be made on the Facebook group set up specifically for the #MBsocialcar campaign.


6. Required documents

The selected participants must submit the following documents to MBV:

  • A copy of the national ID card
  • A copy of the driver’s license with at least one year of validity
  • Location, route, and photography proposal


7. Access to campaign vehicle 
Only the selected participants will have access to a Mercedes-Benz vehicle (“Vehicle”), which they will use as a photography prop. The selected participants cannot choose the series or color of their vehicle.


8. Conditions of use for vehicle

Vehicle will be used subject to the following conditions:
The selected participants will have access to and borrow one (1) vehicle for maximum seven (7) days*, which they will use as a photography prop. They must pick up the vehicle and return it on the dates and times and at the location specified in the agreement made with MBV.
(*): The exact borrowing duration may vary depending on the availability of the vehicle and the proposal of the selected participants. MBV will announce the maximum duration that selected participant may use the vehicle for each #MBSocialCar campaign. MBV will make a final decision on the actual duration that the selected participant may need to use the vehicle based on the availability of the vehicle and the selected participants’ proposal.Step 9:


9. Failure to pick up or return vehicle

In the event that a selected participant fails to pick up and/or return the vehicle in its good condition on the date and time as specified or fails to comply with the agreed terms and conditions, MBV has the right to eliminate the said participant from the campaign and shall not be held liable for any expenses or other damages incurred by the said participant. This decision by MBV is final.
Apart from the elimination, any selected participant failing to return the vehicle on the date and time specified shall compensate MBV for each and every day they have borrowed the vehicle at the rate of 10,000,000 Vietnamese Dong per day, starting from the date of picking up until returning of the vehicle in good conditions.


10. Equipment

The selected participants may use whichever type of camera for this campaign, and may adjust the image’s saturation and brightness, as well as employ other suitable creative tools.


11. Creative concepts and production

The selected participants shall portray their borrowed the vehicles through a lens of modernity, without following an existing trend, to convey the uniqueness and characteristics of each Mercedes-Benz vehicle according to concept and proposition of each series.


12. Release of submission 

Photographs taken by the selected participants will be promoted on the various channels operated by MBV. The selected participants must sign a release form to allow MBV to promote their photographs as part of the #MBsocialcar campaign.


13. Quantity of submission

The selected participants must submit the minimum 20 finished photographs in a readily usable, high-resolution file format specified by MBV within seven (7) days after they have returned the vehicle. These photographs will be used on the various channels operated by MBV.


14. Copyright

The copyright on the submitted photographs shall belong to MBV. The selected participants may not distribute these photographs via any other channel in any manner. The selected participants shall be able to certify that they have solely created every submission themselves; that their submissions have not, in any capacity, infringed upon or violated the copyright, trademark, moral value, privacy, or intellectual property of a person or juristic person; and that no entity shall be able to claim damages from the company as a result of such a violation.


15. Use of author names and credits

15.1. The names and photographs of selected participants will be used for advertising and disseminated to the public via the various channels that MBVwill be using for the #MBsocialcars campaign.

15.2. Mercedes-Benz worldwide may further use the photographs of selected participants for promotional purposes via many of its channels. Credit will always be given to the photographer.


16. Repurposing the campaign photo submissions

The selected participants can use the photos on their website to showcase their portfolio but social media participants may disseminate their works only by sharing the posts made by the Mercedes-Benz Vietnam Facebook fan page.


17. Protection of information

Information disseminated within the closed group shall not be made known publicly in any manner.


18. Allowance 

18.1. Each selected participant can claim costs for fuel, highway tolls, parking and hotels up to an agreed amount throughout the journey only, with a cap on nightly acccomodation.

18.2. The tax invoice must be issued under the name of Mercedes-Benz Vietnam Company Ltd., or a designated partner of MBV, depending on the current situations.

18.3. Any expenses throughout the campaign without complete tax invoice will not be accepted for reimbursement without exceptions.