My fresh cool air. My service.

My fresh cool air. My service.

Air-conditioner system in your car captures dirt, dust particle, pollen, and other unhealthy compounds. It prevents airborne particulates from entering the cabin and potentially causing irritation and health problems.

This system should be cleaned regularly, especially in the high humidity and pollute air condition in Vietnam. 

Servicing the A/C of your Mercedes-Benz by visiting our authorized workshops from 10th June to 6th July 2019 and receiving special offers:

  • Offer 50% discount on A/C dust filter.
  • Special offer on A/C evaporator cleaning fluid.
  • Free F&B and car wash.
  • Apple Watch series 4 lucky-draw at each dealer.

Applicable for all PC models + V-Class & Vito.

(*) Condition applied, please contact dealers for more details.