Reception readiness.

Using the phone with the greatest convenience.

Mercedes-Benz telephone module with Bluetooth® (SAP) [1] [2]

The telephone module with Bluetooth SAP [3] is designed to extend the mobile communication system in your Mercedes-Benz. Just connect it to your Convenience Telephony system (code 386) in the centre armrest, and start using your mobile via the on-board hands-free system. The telephone module comes with a SIM card slot similar to a permanently installed device.

Other advantages of the telephone module are:

  • Access to the contact data stored on your SIM card and your telephone address book
  • Optimal reception quality by using the vehicle's external aerial
  • Receive and read text messages
  • Charging of the mobile phone via USB interface
  • Up to date – receive and read text messages [4]

Mobile phone holders [2]

You are now more independent than ever in your choice of mobile phone for your Mercedes-Benz: with a simple »click!« you can swap cradles – in a matter of seconds, as easy as placing your mobile in the cradle itself.Changing your phone model and even the alternate use of different models is thus no longer a problem – while continuing to fully enjoy all the advantages of Convenience Telephony.

Other advantages:

  • Optimum reception quality thanks to the use of the vehicle's exterior aerial
  • Battery charging function for your mobile phone
  • Access to internal phone memory
  • Convenient control via the multifunction steering wheel
  • Large selection – available for many Apple, Nokia, BlackBerry and Sony Ericsson phones

[1] The Mercedes-Benz telephone module with Bluetooth (SAP) is available in two versions: as an enclosed box (see illustration) or as a hand-held device with wired handset (without illustration). Both versions are equipped with a SIM card reader

[2] For use with »Code 386 Convenience Telephony« optional extra.

[3] SAP (Sim Access Profile) enables reading the SIM card of the mobile phone.

[4] Dependent on vehicle model and mobile phone. For questions about compatibility with your vehicle and mobile phone please contact your authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer. More information is available at

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